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How A Hidden Camera Can Help

One of the reasons why people get security cameras in Hilton Head Island, SC is for the sake of deterrence.  When people know they’re being watched and recorded, they’re less likely to do something illegal.  However,...Read More

Home Security Brings A Lot Of Advantages

They say that a person’s Hilton Head Island home is his or her castle, and one of the things that comes with the impression of any castle is safety. A home is a refuge, a place for Hilton Head Island, SC families to live out their lives in...Read More

Can Your Security Camera System Record And Play Footage?

So you have a security system, and that system includes several video cameras in strategic locations.  You may have someone monitoring them at all times, although with a modern system you can do so remotely with the right app.  However,...Read More

A Guide For Buying A Security System

Security is an important component for any Hilton Head Island, SC business. Retail businesses have obvious targets in the forms of the desirable products sold that could easily be resold on the black market. Banks are another high-value target since...Read More

Avoiding Common Surveillance Mistakes

Surveillance only works if it works. Hilton Head Island, SC home or business owners cannot expect to get the most out of their investment if they’re making common mistakes that render their surveillance footage useless. By avoiding common...Read More

4 Reasons To Use Security Cameras In Malls

Shopping malls in Hilton Head Island, SC are crowded public spaces where people of all ages and all demographics come together to buy clothing and other goods, eat some fast food, and otherwise hang out with friends.  It’s also where many...Read More

3 Ways To Protect Your Business From Theft

There are all kinds of ways to lose money to theft.  Customers could shoplift, burglars could show up after dark and steal valuable equipment, vandals could damage the property and steal metal or even trees, and employees can abuse the trust...Read More

Are IP Cameras Right for You?

You don't have to look very hard to find companies in Hilton Head Island, SC claiming that IP based video security systems are the best and only way to go. Clearly there are tremendous benefits of owning an IP system, while traditional analog...Read More

Protect Your Small Business - The Benefits of Installing Security Cameras

You put a lot of blood, sweat and tears -- not to mention money -- into your Hilton Head Island, SC business, so it is only natural to want to protect it. Whether you are running a brand-new startup or inheriting a longstanding family business, the...Read More

Getting Started With A CCTV Security Camera System

If you are considering whether or not investing in a security camera system in Hilton Head Island, SC is the right choice for your home or business, you may be interested in finding more information about the basics of a closed circuit television...Read More

Things To Consider When Shopping For Surveillance Systems

A comprehensive security system in Hilton Head Island, SC is very crucial to provide proper surveillance as well as give you a peace of mind whenever you are around or not. To avoid theft or intrusion into your home or property in Hilton Head...Read More

What You Should Know Before Installing Network Security Cameras

If you are looking for reliable yet affordable security technology in Hilton Head Island, SC, then you should consider installing network security cameras. Network cameras work with IP networks, including the internet, making it possible everything...Read More

School Security Systems: Privacy or Security More Important?

Surveillance cameras in Hilton Head Island, SC have become a necessity in the public domain as it helps track down criminals and provide a deterrence to criminal activities. Surveillance cameras have a proven track record of reducing the crime rate...Read More

All What You Need to Know About How Security Cameras Work

Security cameras are an integral part of a home or business in Hilton Head Island, SC. They not only help you to catch burglars, but they actually help to stop criminals before they become intruders. Security cameras help to deter would-be-intruders...Read More

Home Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems

There exist many compelling reasons why you might want to install a surveillance system for your business or home in Hilton Head Island, SC. Our homes are the castles that we feel comfortable and safe in. However, if our homes have to remain the...Read More

Could Your Fingerprint Be Stolen with a Simple Photo?

Lately, there has been news circulating online regarding the possibility of duplicating fingerprints by simply taking a photograph using a mobile device-- even if it's a few meters away. There are some in Hilton Head Island SC who believe that this...Read More

How to Choose the Right Security DVR

Since the development of technology, DVRs have been widely used in CCTV systems in Hilton Head Island, SC. There are many brands of DVRs with high end unit or low quality unit in the security market in Hilton Head Island, SC. The initial decision to...Read More

Making Right Decisions When Purchasing Business Security Cameras

As a business owner in Hilton Head Island, SC, or manager of security for a business in Hilton Head Island, SC, it is imperative that the right security cameras are purchased for business use. This not only allows staff to think of more important...Read More

Active RFID vs. Passive RFID

When you're shopping for security products in Hilton Head Island, SC, you may notice that some products are advertised as containing "active RFID" technology, whereas other products claim to utilize "passive RFID" technology. In order to make an...Read More

Benefits Of Wireless Monitored Home Security

Having a home monitoring system in Hilton Head Island, SC is the best thing that you can do for your family and property. This is a security system that will ensure your family a 24/7 protection and at the same time notifying you of any emergency....Read More

How to Protect Your Outdoor Security Cameras From Lightning

The popularity of CCTV ( Closed Circuit Television Systems ) and outdoor security cameras in Hilton Head Island, SC is on a sporadic rise. This combination has proven to more effective in deterring petty theft, employee pilfering, vandalism or even...Read More

7 Things About Obtaining Admissible Video Surveillance Footage You Need to Know

Video surveillance systems have been used in the court of law for successful prosecution or dismissals in cases in Hilton Head Island for many years. It is a vital tool for prosecutors and defense attorneys in Hilton Head Island, SC alike, but not...Read More

Vandal Proofing Your Security Camera

Security camera systems in Hilton Head Island, SC can do great justice in capturing crucial images that can be used to improve premise safety as well as restrain unauthorized persons from having entry to certain locations of a premise. However, for...Read More

Correct and Incorrect Usage of Dummy Security Cameras

Most organizations in Hilton Head Island, SC prefer cutting down expenses wherever it is possible, but cutting security budget is something everyone must avoid. Some companies use fake or dummy security camera in order to reduce cost, but it is not...Read More

3 Uncommon Uses for Security Cameras

Of course security systems are installed to protect your home in Hilton Head Island, SC, property, and family. But, on the lighter side of things, there are a number of alternative methods in which you can put security cameras to use, in a home or...Read More

Protecting Your Home With Residential Security Cameras

Homeownership in Hilton Head Island, SC can be so costly and the only way you can safeguard your property against threats such as thefts is by considering installing security camera systems. Security cameras can be modeled to capture all the vital...Read More

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need an IP Camera System

The importantance of security cameras in Hilton Head Island, SC can be under emphasized. You need to make sure that the security system is in the best condition possible. Updating your system in regard to the current advancement in technology is...Read More

5 Benefits of Installing a Home Surveillance System

Being safe is one of our prime instincts and nothing helps us more than technology. A security camera system completes a home in Hilton Head Island, SC and makes us feel safe, secure and protected. This may seem like a sophisticated luxury a few...Read More

Misconceptions Commonly Linked With Low Light Surveillance

In some situations, normal security cameras in Hilton Head Island, SC cannot capture a clear and sharp footage. For instance, a security camera that requires a well-lit environment cannot be effective when recording outside a building at night. In...Read More

7 Times in Your Life When You Certainly Need a Home Surveillance System

Many people ask when the ideal time for installing a surveillance camera system in their Hilton Head Island, SC home is - You can do it at any time, it is better to invest in these security systems early enough before it is too late. Statistics on...Read More

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